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We can reach thousands of Hispanics in rural Kentucky

through the power of radio

Hispanics in rural communities listen to the radio everyday in construction sites, farms, fields and restaurants, looking for somebody speaking their mother language. By partnering with the Hispanic Initiative, you can bring the Gospel to them trough the airwaves like never before. It’s the opportunity of the decade!


With deep values of faith, family and community, Hispanics are open to the Gospel.

We look forward to partnering with churches and individuals who have a desire to see Hispanic people come to Christ.

Opportunity of the decade


This year, the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) announced there are going to be open applications for low frequency radio station free from the government, which had not happened in about ten years. This means we have an opportunity as a church to create low cost, effective ministry outlets trough local radio stations.


Low Investment

The only cost asociaste is the application process, consultation fee and frequency search (averaging $500 USD). Once approved, you have up to 2 years to get the station up and running. It would cost $3000-$5000 USD for transmission equipment. We can provide Spanish contents for your station.


Cost Effective

The Hispanic Initiative launched Radio Latido, an online evangelistic christian radio station specific for Kentucky, and we can replicate it in your area with your partnership. This means we can have a christian radio station preaching the Gospel to the airwaves and impact hispanics throughout rural Kentucky

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